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SD Biosensor Gluco Navii No Coding Meter w/500 Strips & Lancets

SD Biosensor Gluco Navii No Coding Meter w/500 Strips & Lancets
SD Biosensor Gluco Navii No Coding Meter w/500 Strips & Lancets SD Biosensor Gluco Navii No Coding Meter w/500 Strips & Lancets
Brand: SD Biosensor
Product Code: Gluco Navii No Coding Meter Kit w/500 Strips & Lancets
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SD Biosensor Gluco Navii No Coding Meter w/500 Strips & Lancets

MedVantage Plus Introduces the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii
MedVantage Plus, Inc. is among the first diabetic testing supplies providers to offer the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii blood glucose meter in the United States.  With locations across the world, SD Biosensor, Inc is quickly becoming the global solution for high quality diabetic testing supplies – surpassing many other manufacturers with their simplistic yet efficient designs.
As a premiere supplier of diabetic testing devices in the United States, MedVantage Plus, Inc. only offers top of the line testing meters and supplies to its trusted customers.  With over 14 years of experience in providing diabetic testing supplies, MedVantage Plus is dedicated to ensuring quality and performance in all products offered through our online shop, MedVantage Plus.   Before we committed to offering the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii, our specialists performed in-house tests and quality control procedures along with extensive research of other clinical tests to ensure accuracy and ease of use for this blood glucose meter.
Results show that the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii is among the highest in system accuracy results for glucose concentration.   Compared to other top blood glucose monitoring systems, ONE TOUCH ULTRA and Ascensia Breeze 2, the GlucoNavii is accurate in 100% of system tests for glucose concentration in ranges of < 75 mg/dL and approximately 98% accurate in system tests for glucose concentration in ranges ≥ 75 mg/dL. 

ㆍ1-SD Biosensor Gluco Navii Blood Glucose Monitor
ㆍ500-ct Blood Glucose Test Strips
ㆍ500-ct Lancets

SD Biosensor - Gluco Navii Strips

Along with the highly accurate results from the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii blood glucose monitoring system, the GlucoNavii also offers an incredible advantage in terms of testing strips.  The GlucoNavii testing strips exceed the shelf life of nearly all other testing strips by approximately one year!  Many test strips have a shelf life of just 12 months, and become obsolete after this time period.  The GlucoNavii’s test strips offer a 2 year shelf life, providing the diabetic patient with the peace of mind that their essential test strips will remain usable for an extended period of time. 

This advantage also allows diabetic patients to purchase GlucoNavii test strips in bulk quantities, providing significant cost savings in terms of diabetic testing supplies.  These test strips will last for up to two full years – you can purchase bulk quantities which ensures you won’t run out at a critical moment and for those purchasing their own test strips, this offers a much more cost effective way to managing diabetes. 

The SD Biosensor GlucoNavii also integrates a simplistic yet powerful monitoring software, easy to use on both Mac and PC devices.  This allows you to track your blood glucose levels over periods of time, by simply connecting your GlucoNavii device to your computer via the SD Biosensor USB cable. 

The FREE GlucoNavii software download provides auto-printing reports to allow efficient communication of your blood glucose trends between you and your healthcare professional and many additional features you’ll love! Additional Information:

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